What is the Trager® Approach?

The Trager® Approach creates deep physical and mental relaxation to help release tight patterns of muscle pain and tension and restore mental ease and clarity. It uses gentle stroking and compression and playful rolling, bouncing and stretching to lull tight muscles into a calm meditative state. It increases physical mobility and improves joint range of movement. During this process, your body is supported to let go of deep-seated physical and mental patterns of tension and pain.

A Trager® session allows you to reenter the world with new physical comfort and coordination and emotional ease and clarity. The founder of this therapy, Dr. Milton Trager (1908-1997), called this feeling a place beyond relaxation, a place of peace.

You are fully clothed during a Trager® session to support your comfort and sense of safety. It is recommended that you wear comfortable unrestricted clothing.

Sessions may include custom movement suggestions called Mentastics® to do at home or work. These are short improvisational-like exercises that are delightfully rich in visual imagery, movement and orientation. Mentastics support your well being, enhance the benefits of Trager sessions, and teach you how to integrate and embody comfortable movement in a fun playful way.

Trager Approach
Trager Approach