Injury Treatment Rates

Effective January 4, 2024 We only accept the following Medical Healthcare insurance:
Kaiser Permanente PPO plans and First Choice.

We also treat injuries from motor vehicle accidents (MVA),  motorcycle accidents,  slip & fall injuries, and injured workers. You MUST have an open insurance claim with remaining benefits and doctor referral for massage. Your Auto Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Home Owners insurance, WA State or Private Injured Workers insurance may pay all or part of the charges.

Treatment is done through your comfortable clothing and applied ONLY to those areas of the body that your doctor lists in their referral for massage therapy.

97124Massage Therapy$58.00 per 15 minute billing unit
97140Manual Therapy $62.00 per 15 minute billing unit
97112Neuromuscular Re-Education$62.00 per 15 minute billing unit

Rates effective: January 1, 2024. Insurance-based injury treatment is distinct from holistic healing and relaxation services. Differences include but are not limited to:

  • Referral for therapeutic massage from your health care provider with their diagnoses of problems and a treatment plan.
  • In-depth communication with your medical health care team including the referring doctor(s), insurance company(ies) and your attorney.
  • Application of advanced knowledge, skills, and/or equipment to assist you in reaching Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI).
  • Full payment is NOT paid at date of service and multi-session discounts are NOT available.
  • Advanced level of certifications and licensing.
  • Creation of photos, detailed assessments, treatment charts and reports for your medical health care team.
  • Representation in court cases as a Therapeutic and Bodywork expert when ordered.

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