Intraoral Massage

Gentle, gloved finger treatment (non-latex) inside the mouth cavity targeting muscles of the lips, jaw, and tongue that are inaccessible from the outside of the face. External head, face and jaw muscles are assessed and also treated. And we often combine deep tissue cervical massage with intraoral massage.

Note: You may want to add magnetic field therapy to help relax mouth and neck muscles and supercharge your healing! Additional $20 fee.

Conditions That Can Be Helped

  • Neck whiplash
  • Face, jaw and tooth pain
  • Dental surgeries (before and after) for crown, implant, bridge, root canal, graft
  • Teeth grinding and TMJ pain / popping / misalignment
  • Ear pain and ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • Tongue pain and numbness
  • Swallowing and chewing pain
  • Baby ‘tongue tied’ or inefficient sucking

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“Had an amazing session with Terri. She is a true Angel in the field of body healing”

~ Betty