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Reunion During Pandemic

Safely providing pain and injury therapy in the clinic under COVID-19 requirements is challenging in many ways for staff and clients.  Registered therapy dog, Hannah, however, is extremely HAPPY to be reunited with her clients - even if she can't see their smiles. And...

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Henry’s First Client

Now almost 7 months old, Henry is enjoying being a therapy-dog-in-training and especially likes working solo. He is very fond of his first client, a young woman who has a sports-related traumatic brain injury. Henry instinctively understands that sensory processing...

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Welcome New Therapy Dog

Please welcome Henry, our newest member of the Best Body Moves therapeutic team. Henry is a 5 month old Australian Shepherd and is busy adapting to his new family and therapy dog training. Terri Rossi is Henry’s owner and handler. Henry is acclimating to the sometimes...

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Rest In Peace

There is no good time for a death in a family. And even more when death comes to someone young with so much in his future: growing old with his wife; watching his daughters grow, seeing them marry, perhaps becoming a grandparent. Death awaits us all. The best we can...

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Reiki Energy Healing Therapy

The Japanese word Reiki (ray-key) means Guided Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki is one name for this energy that exists within all life. It can be drawn through the hands by an experienced practitioner. A Reiki treatment is deeply relaxing and soothing. A treatment...

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Intraoral Massage

Gentle, gloved finger treatment (non-latex) inside the mouth cavity targeting muscles of the lips, jaw, tongue and throat that are inaccessible from the outside of the face. External head, face and jaw muscles are assessed and treated. And we often combine deep tissue...

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