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Download, print and complete your forms at home or arrive 20 minutes early so you don’t lose table time.



Healthcare Insurance Accepted:  CALL FIRST to verify we are taking new healthcare patients. Doctor referral for massage is *required.* Terri Rossi is an in-network provider for:

Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield (not Boeing), First Choice, Premera, and Kaiser Options/PPO.  (Only Terri Rossi, LMT, takes Healthcare Insurance patients.)

Motor Vehicle Accidents: Your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) auto policy must have benefits remaining. Doctor referral for massage is required. No 3rd party claims. (Terri Rossi, LMT, and Ramona Dickson, LMT, take PIP patients.)
Injured Worker (L&I) or Crime Victim: With APPROVED claim and a doctor referral for massage. (Terri Rossi, LMT, and Ramona Dickson, LMT, take L&I patients.)

If using Healthcare Insurance, YOU must call your plan in advance to verify benefits, annual deductible, co-insurance and/or office co-pay. We do NOT do this for you. You will need to:

  • Verify that you have Massage benefits from a massage therapist (some Premera and BCBS plans cover massage only from a chiropractor or PT).
  • Verify remaining Annual Deductible – what you must pay BEFORE insurance starts to pay.
  • Verify Co-Insurance – what you pay when insurance pays less than 100%.
  • Verify Office Co-Pay – what you pay for each massage session.
ALL plans require your doctor’s diagnosis of your problems and the areas authorized for treatment. Most plans require this information to be written on a referral.