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Injury Treatment & Wellness, Gig Harbor, WA

Feeling Great and Pain Free!

Are you ready to start on the path to wellness? Best Body Moves in Gig Harbor, Washington is ready to help you to increase your health and vitality by reducing your pain and stress.

Select from a wide variety of injury treatments and wellness services or simply let us know what's bothering you and we'll suggest the service best suited to get you started on your journey to exceptional health.

We teach holistic classes for people and dogs, too! Be sure to check our Group & Private Classes for the latest schedule.

Terri Rossi founded Best Body Moves with the belief that the key to improving life is to create ease, balance, grace and effectiveness in our movements so that all parts of our body cooperate to produce a flowing 'symphony' of exceptional health.

We know you are in pain, and our experience is that we don't have to hurt your body to help your body. In healing, there is NO GAIN with pain. It makes sense!

Restore Your Natural, Pain-Free Movement

Contact us today at 206-713-7169 to make an appointment in Gig Harbor. Or, request a free phone consultation (lunch time is best) with a therapist if you have questions about which therapy best fits your needs.




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