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Injury Treatment Rates

Prescribed by your doctor, these therapies specifically treat life injuries, work injuries and auto injuries. Treatment is applied ONLY to those areas of the body that your doctor lists in their referral. Your insurance may pay all or part of the charges.

Note: Call before self-scheduling to confirm we are accepting new insurance-based clients.

Code Service Rate
97124 Massage Therapy $45.00 per 15 minute billing unit
97140 Manual Therapy $47.00 per 15 minute billing unit
97112 Neuromuscular Re-Education $47.00 per 15 minute billing unit

These are the distinguishing services between insurance-based injury treatment and any holistic healing and relaxation services which may share the same or similar name:

  • In-depth communication with you and your medical health care team including the referring doctor(s), insurance company(ies) and your attorney.
  • Application of advanced knowledge, skills, and/or equipment to assist you in reaching Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) as mandated by state medical insurance companies.
  • Demonstration and support of advanced certifications and licensing.
  • Creation of photos, detailed assessments, treatment charts and reports for your medical health care team.
  • Representation in court cases as a Therapeutic and Bodywork expert when ordered.
  • Lengthy payment delays resulting from the insurance billing and legal settlement processes.

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