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Feldenkrais® Method

Retrain your brain and your body will follow

A type of neurophysical therapy, the Feldenkrais Method® reconnects you from the inside out to restore smooth, pain-free movement.

Poor posture, repetitive habits and illness create a lifetime of pain and suffering.

To stop hurting, your body must learn healthy patterns of awareness and easier ways of moving. Using directed attention and gentle movement sequences we help quickly and easily 'reprogram' your brain and nervous system so you move with less effort and strain. This allows the release of tight muscles, chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD). Read more…

Safety first!

Fitness programs such as weight training, yoga and Pilates may increase your pain because you do these activities with poor posture and incorrect movement patterns. The Feldenkrais Method® allows you to move smarter and live better . Learn more

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